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Cascade Custom
Software Inc.
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Tigard, OR

To say Scott is hands on might be an understatement. Whether he’s pounding the keyboard, working the table saw or playing ball, Scott enjoys getting up to his elbows in the action. Much like his enthusiasm for his work in software analysis and development, a career he’s enjoyed since 1990. Scott prides himself on being a hands-on “do-it-yourself” guy, and that includes resolving a software error code or chopping down a tree – he’ll do either if asked. The rest of the well-rounded Principal of Cascade is one part husband, one part father and one part competitive sports fanatic. Born and raised in Portland and an OSU grad, Scott considers the action right here in the Beaver state.
In his own shoes, in cars, in airplanes and with his hands, Chris has logged a lot of miles and time. For over a decade Chris has been developing software applications in an impossibly wide range of computer languages and programs. He also traverses a wide range, whether he’s running marathons, flying to far away countries, or driving the van on road trips with his family. And Chris puts in the time to get every software project done and done right. He’s into everything for the long haul, no question about it. And he helped build Cascade to be in the long haul for their customers.